Januar 2014: MAC: l/s Morning Rose, Studded Kiss, Commotion, Rusty, Rich Marron, What a Feeling, Fresh & Frisky, Love Beam, Blushs Autoerotique, At Dusk, Pleasure Model e/s Silver Dawn, Natural Flirt, Amorous Alloy, Sweet Heat, MSF Fairly Precious; Burberry: Blush Tangerine; Chanel: e/s Fatal, Diapason, Impulsion, Blush Intonation, l/s L'Adorée; Urban Decay: Deluxe Shadow Palette; Estee Lauder: Palette Violet Underground

Februar 2014: MAC: l/s Plink!, e/s Shale, Sable, Trax, Greensmoke, Patina, Blush Fleur Power, MSFs Perfect Topping, Refined; Chanel: Blush Discrétion

März 2014: MAC: e/s Great Beyond, Fiction, l/s Dreaming Dahlia, Heavenly Hybrid, Naked Bud, Fleur de'Coral, Hoop, Glam, Pink Poodle, Blankety, Creme de Nude, Pink Plaid, Blush Petal Power, Azalea in the Afternoon, Solar Ray, Rosy Outlook, Style, Fleet Fast, MSF Porcelain Pink; Clinique: Blushs Ginger Pop, Berry Pop, Plum Pop, Peach Pop, NARS: Blushs Sin, Seduction, Mata Hari, Lovejoy, Essie: Not just a Pretty Face, Fondola Gondola, Your Hut or Mine, Fiji

April 2014: Dior: l/s Kiss me, Magique, Frisson, Artifice, Rieuse, Esteé Lauder: l/s Intense Nude, Rebellious Rose, MAC: Blush Sunset Beach, Ocean City; l/s Mangrove, Woodrose

Mai 2014: MAC: l/s Mystical, Enchanted One, Goddess of the Sea, Head in the Clouds, Toying Around, Red Balloon, Happy go Lucky, Blush Sea Me Hear Me, Seduced by Sea, e/s Lorelei, Soul Serenade, Silver Sun, Sea Worship, Legendary Lure, Fanthoms Deep; Bronzer Aphrodite's Shell, Gloss Seducing Sound, Liner Black Line

Juni 2014: Essie: Lacke Haute in the Heat, Parka Perfect, Using my Maiden Name, Warm & Toasty Turtleneck, Carousel Coral, Cocktails & Coconuts, Love Every Minute, Mint Candy Apple, Style Hunter, Bikini so Teeny, Cute as a Button, Find me an Oasis, Infatuation, Red-Y Set Ex, Watermelon, Come here!, Canyon Coral, Island Hopping , Guilty Pleasures, Turquoise & Caicos, Peach Daiquiri, Maximillian Strasse Her, Too too hot, Chills&Thrills, Serial Shopper; MAC: l/s Ruby, Roxo, Peach Beige, True Love's Kiss, Aristocat, Gloss Anthurium, Blushs Corol, Love Thing, Intenso, Dainty, Marine Life, Fresh Honey, Chic Couple, Quad Nude, Evil Eye, Temperature Rising, e/s Fireside; Chanel: e/s New Moon, Utaupia; Tarte: Blushs Exposed, Blissful, Kat von D: Blush Bellisima; NARS: Blushs Taos, Amour, Narsissist Palette; Sleek: Blush Sugar; Orly: Lack Unlawful; Givenchy: Blush Bucolic Poppy

Juli 2014: MAC: Blushs Peaches & Cream, Cheeky Bugger, Love Rock, Band of Roses, New Vibe, Bi-Tone, Worldy Wealth, Bred for Beauty, e/s Satin Taupe, Artistic License, Hidden Motive, Deep Fixation, MSF Jolly Good, Earthshine, Quads Duchess, Bloody Brilliant, l/s Dodgy Girl, Kelly Yum Yum, Phosphorescent, Moody Bloom, Liner Cranberry

August 2014: MAC: Look in a Box Coral, Nude, l/s Sin, MSF: Triple Fusion, Refresh, Blush Grand Duo, Style Demon, e/s Tectonic

September 2014: Tarte: Blush Pin Up Palette, e/s Rainforest Palette; MAC: Quad Novel Romance, e/s Superwatt, l/s Hearts Aflame, Myself, Blush Animal Instinct, Fun Ending, Gloss Talk Sexy, Essie: Lack Fiji, Demure Vixen

Oktober 2014: MAC: l/s Franknfurter, Strange Journey, Oblivion, Pander me, Nouvelle Vogue, Fashion Revival, Blush: Make you mine, Fleeting Romance, Crazed Imagination, Lack Bad Fairy, Formidable; Tarte: Travel Set; Hourglass: Ambient Lightning Blush Palette; Becca: Blush Raspberry Opal; Clinique: High Impact Waterproof Mascara; Nuxe: Lipbalm